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3 advantages of being a professional poker player online

If you love to play poker and are good at it, you’ve probably dreamed of quitting your current job and playing full time. After all, it is a tempting proposition. Who doesn’t want to do what they love to live?

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However, stay tuned – poker is a demanding profession and not for everyone. If you are genuinely considering taking the risk of becoming a professional poker player, then you have to make sure it is an information-based decision. Luckily for you we consider the advantages and disadvantages of playing professionally so that you can decide for yourself with as much information as possible. Whatever the reason, it is a phenomenon that shows no signs of change at all.

Do something you love

That is the main reason that anyone who has ever played Bandar poker professionally does so. Being able to transform something you love in your life is one of the most common aspirations in the modern world. Poker is a very demanding profession for those who have no real passion. The most successful players don’t just play poker because they can win. They play because they are fascinated with the strategic complexities of the game. This is what motivates them to put in the necessary study time to be successful and persevere through downswings.

Freedom and flexibility

Being able to define your own hours of work is a huge advantage in any profession. Of course, you will probably be encouraged to play poker at certain times, based on the profile of your opponents, but it will ultimately depend on you. By having this freedom you can go a long way to avoid poker fatigue and keep you motivated. No one will be responsible for you but yourself. There are few jobs today that offer the same level of independence as professional poker. Of course, this does not mean that it will be easy. You will have to work as hard as any other job. The difference is that no one will be breathing down your neck while you do this.

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Gaining potential

If you are able to develop a high level of skill, there is still a lot of money to be made by playing online poker. In recent years there have been some changes in the industry regarding rake and the player reward system that has reduced the profitability of playing online, but it is still possible to get a fair wage to live. It just became a lot more difficult than it was before.

One of the most difficult challenges of becoming an online professional these days is getting in and out of micro stakes – NL2 through NL25. The high rake and the low rake back in modern games take away the profit of micro stakes players, making it more difficult for them to get a decent profit rate. On the other hand, live agen idn poker was and probably will always be a highly profitable investment for skilled players. The average live poker player is simply much weaker than the average online poker player.

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