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Get To Understand Point Spread and Totals in Football Betting

Football is a sport that the majority of people just adore so to make the game watching more thrilling they challenge the bookmakers. Besides enjoying the live football matches and leagues they get a chance to earn cash from their knowledge. Football betting is not so complicated. There are simple ways to wager without a need to get more skilled.

The simple wagers out of the different betting options you can gain access to on Betufa are point spreads & totals. Usually, the majority of the public opt for these two types. New bettors need to learn about these two simple bets.

Point spreads in football

For betting purposes, the bookmakers provide low minus points to a stronger team and high plus points to a weak team. This point adjustment will not impact the game outcome. The points represent the spread.

For example-

  • Green Bay Packers – point spread -4 and -110 odds
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – point spread +4 and -110 odds

Green Bay Packers are the favourites with a minus point spread, while Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the underdogs with a positive point spread. Bookmaker predicted the Green Bay Packers will win the game around 4 points. If you also agree then place a wager on more than that total. If you feel that they will win by less than 3 points or completely lose the game then wager on Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Bettors need to predict that the total point number scored by both teams is lower or higher than a pre-specified number. The bookmaker determines the specified number for every game, just like the point spread.

For example-

  • Green Bay Packers – Over 45 and -110 odds
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Under 45 and -110 odds

Bookmaker has predicted a combined total on both teams to be 45. You will need to bet whether the score will be higher [Over] or lower [Under] it. If you think high then bet over and vice versa.


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