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Getting bored at your desk? Play Rummy online now. Download the free game from Rummy passion!

Apathy is an extremely familiar facet of work and living tradition. You can be quite certain of the fact that every person has faced it sometime or the other. Getting bored at your desk while working for an entire day is not something we as human beings are unfamiliar with. No Matter how engrossing or compelling your job is, boredom has to be undergone someday or the other. What do we generally tend to do when we are bored? Call up a close acquaintance? Become involved in social media? Listen to songs or play games? Well, pretty much everything. However, there is a much better recommendation for all of you, and it is to play rummy online free. Rummy is not just a game, it is a source of income too. This game is quite prevalent among men of divergent age groups.

How to play Rummy online?

  • Beginning of the game

The game begins with a toss where all the participants are allotted a card. The one with the highest value card starts to play the game by hand picking a card from the open deck or the closed deck. In return, he/she has to ditch a card from his/her cards. Cards can be organized into 2 types of combinations: Sets and the Sequence.

  • Sets and the Sequence

A Sequence is formed when the lowest of 3 cards of the same suit are put in sequential order. A Set is made when at least three cards of the same rank are fixed up together, regardless of suit.

  • The Joker

A Joker can be made use of as a substitute for a missing card to create a set or a sequence. However, you should be having at least one pure sequence, i.e. a sequence in which there is no Joker, to put forth the game.

  • Finally, the Ace

An Ace can be used with high cards or the low ones to form a sequence, but you cannot make use of an Ace to affix a low card and a high card altogether. This is pretty much how the game is played.

  • Finding the correct match

After understanding the rules of the game, finding a reliable Rummy website becomes the task, therefore you can download the free game and enjoy it with your colleagues at work. While you are getting bored at your desk you tend to distract yourself in such a way that it becomes troublesome to bring together your concentration and get back to work.

  • Advantages of playing Rummy

Playing Rummy online not just improves your concentration level while you remain focused on your cards but also helps you to control your mind when you plan to return to your work.


Instead of calling up a friend or talking to them via social media, if you invite your friends to play this interesting game, you don’t just get revitalized but also make the perfect use of your break time.

Therefore it acts as a golden opportunity to get rid of your boredom and make an ideal approach of using your time, playing Rummy online is one of the most prominent solutions. It not only lets you connect with your friends but also improves the power of your attentiveness while making money out of it.

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