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How Has The Pandemic Affected The Gambling World

Over the past year, we have all been affected one way or another by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and one industry that has been affected both positively and negatively is the gambling industry. It’s very unique to see both sides of the coin be affected by the pandemic and below we investigate why this is.

First of all, the main way it has been affected negatively is due to the land-based casinos and betting shops having to shut for the majority of this pandemic due to the fact that they have been highlighted as an area of high-risk infection due to public interaction. This hasn’t jut affect these businesses but has left many out of a job and struggling financially. With the pandemic slowly starting to ease though, many will be hoping that these businesses can re-open at some point in the not-so-distant future.

However, this has given the chance for the online part of the industry to thrive as many more gamblers are now finding themselves at home and still wanting to gamble. It has now been reported by gambling commissions that the rate of people on online gambling alternatives is at an all-time high with many using these more frequently than they would if casinos and betting shops were open. The online gambling industry has always been on an upwards curve but the pandemic has ensures that numbers have gone through the roof and we do not expect this curve to slow down anytime soon.

This UK online casinos list has certainly seen the benefit of the pandemic as they are one of the sites that has seen an increase in traffic on their sites during this period. Due to them witnessing this trend, they have increased the bonuses that they are giving out to players to ensure that they are enticing as many new gamblers in as possible.

And finally, due to the pandemic, the sports betting world was affected for a period of about three months when all major elite sporting events like the Euros were cancelled as a result of the pandemic and so many sports punters were able to have their usual betting avenues in this period. This has ensured that areas of the industry like eSports and Virtual betting has increased during this period as these events can still go ahead due to the lack of public interaction and so we have seen an increase in numbers on these types of betting avenues.

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