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The most powerful casino in the world

We associate casinos with splendor and wealth as well as a huge amount of adrenaline. And rightly so! Following in the footsteps of global casinos, we look at one historic gambling center and assess its condition as of today.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

This casino, made famous long before the president of the United States by Donald Trump, is known for its kitschy but oh-so-showy style. With stone elephants, minarets, sparkling chandeliers and pointed domes, the site has become a great parody of India’s original architectural wonder.

The Taj Mahal casino became known even before its opening thanks to the impressive amount of financial resources needed to build it.

Indeed, at one point, the budget grew to … $ 930 million. But in the end, Trump was able to finance the project by issuing bonds that bear interest at 14%. When the venue was completed and opened to the public in 1990 (and it had more than 120,000 square feet of gaming space), it found almost no one attended the opening. Ultimately, it has become a favorite gambling spot for Russian gangsters from Brooklyn.

The casino was on the verge of bankruptcy for about two years after it opened, but eventually began to make significant profits. The venue closed in 2016 and transformed into what it is today, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City.

Why do we love casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are promotions that allow you to claim extra winnings or free spins at some of the best online casinos in the world. Casino players themselves love them and more and more often look in search engines for terms that find the best casino bonuses in 2020 or free spins on slots. Where did this phenomenon come from on the Internet? Why is it so common?

Bonuses are also a popular methodology for attracting users that online casinos have been using very actively in recent years. Most of these bonuses consist of gifts that casinos make for new (or regular) users that are often tied to different conditions. These, unfortunately, are often forgotten by players and then disappointed that they are not always able to withdraw their winnings.

In addition, casinos usually offer a wide variety of bonuses. It all depends on what offer you get, but in most cases new users are welcome at online casinos with the option to play free slots on virtual machines. It all just increases the chances of players getting the winnings without having to use much of their own funds. Now you understand that casino bonuses are a hot topic and that probably won’t change anytime soon. Extra cash, free spins, special promotions … well, what’s not to love?

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