Kenya, legally named the Republic of Kenya, is a country in Eastern Africa. The national language used in the country is called Swahili. Nairobi is the capital and the largest city known in the state. The nation is 580,367 kilometers (224,081square meters), which recognized by the world as the 48th largest country counted by its total area.

In the early 19th century, particularly in 1895, the British Empire implemented the East Africa Protectorate. As 1920 begins, what the British Empire established became a Kenya Colony. Forty-three years later, the country finally received its independence, earning the name Republic of Kenya in 1963, and was ruled over by the Kenya African National Union led by Jomo Kenyatta up until 1978. KANU was considered a de facto one-party state.

During the year 2019, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics published reports of Kenya Population and Housing Census. Based on the KNBS’s survey, there are at least 47.5 million Kenyans in around 12.2 households – on the other hand, the average household size is a total of 3.9.

Kenya is a country known for its preservation of picturesque landscapes and enormous wildlife that captivates one’s sight. Their Indian Ocean coast has historical importance because of the Arabian and Asian traders that entered the continent for multitudinous centuries and making chronicle.

The state’s vivid look is not the only thing that made them known worldwide. Experts believed that 99% of these 12.2 households’ revenue source comes from gambling, whether be it sports betting Kenyalive betting Kenya, or casino card games. These betting games even became a part of their economy’s growth considering multiple entrepreneurs built their gambling dens within the states and making it big in the industry. These establishments’ success lured millions of Kenyans into playing the game of luck and winning more than what they own.

Kenyans’ predominance in the betting craze fuels because of these three main reasons mentioned on the infographic below brought to you by Chezacash:

3 Reasons That Fuel Betting Craze in Kenya

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