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5 Ways Sports Betting Agencies Market Themselves

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Given that betting on sports has become a popular activity in Australia, it’s necessary for sports betting agencies to market themselves aggressively in order to stay competitive. Employing marketing strategies is the only way for betting agencies to gain an edge over their rivals in the market.

Betting agencies do all sorts of marketing to promote themselves and their business. The purpose of their marketing activities is twofold – to lure in new punters and to offer exciting and tempting offers to their loyal punters. That’s how they compete with other betting agencies. You must have seen betting agencies advertising to market themselves and offering attractive promotions and deals in order to attract new punters. Today, online betting agencies are forming partnerships to promote themselves as well. The Bluebet and 2GB partnership is a recent example of this type of marketing.

While online betting agencies are marketing themselves, they end up giving lots of deals and promotions which are good for punters. If you’re a regular punter, chances are you must have placed a bet or two under the influence of a marketing campaign. Here are the five ways that are commonly adopted by betting agencies to market themselves.

  • By Making Betting Look Like a Sport

Advertising campaigns run by betting agencies make sports betting look like a masculine activity. The common themes of these campaigns include sports betting makes you loyal to a sports team, how betting brings out the real man in you, and how betting makes you brave by giving you a chance to prove your sports knowledge. These themes are implicit in almost all sports betting promotional messages.

  • Risk-Reducing Advertising

This type of advertising is commonly used by betting agencies to promote sports betting as a risk-free activity. These campaigns are designed to diminish the fear in aspiring punters and attract them to place a bet and boost their confidence. Risk-lowering advertising is all about promoting sports betting as an environment where intelligent people use their sports knowledge to succeed.

  • Risk-Free Bets

This is the most common promotional activity you would come across. Advertising risk-free bets, giving encouraging promotions to new punters, offering bonuses to loyal customers, and providing money back options in complex multiple bets are widely popular marketing tactics employed by sports betting agencies.

  • Covering Sports Events

Almost all major sport betting agencies cover major sports events in Australia. That just makes an agency public. Betting agencies spend millions of dollars in order to promote highly anticipated sports events in Australia.

  • Unique Facilities

Betting agencies try to offer unique facilities and opportunities to punters that are better than what their competitors are offering them. This would include making bets like Quinella, Exacta, and Trifecta at budget-friendly costs and offering services like cash cards that enable punters to withdraw their prize money in any country.  

There are more than five marketing strategies that betting agencies employ to promote themselves. But these five common ones must have given you an idea how marketing is done in the sports betting industry.

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