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Decoding the psychology of your opponent in online rummy

Rummy is truly entertaining once you master the game. And, one of the most important ways in which you can do it is by decoding the psychology of your opponent. In rummy, you need to apply basic cognitive skills, without which you won’t be able to stay ahead of your opponents. However, you must do it subtly, without giving your opponents a clue. Also, it’s a ‘draw and discard’ card game. Therefore, the cards you discard must be done wisely after getting a grip on your opponent’s cards. How can you do it? Take a look.

Observe The Cards

Once the game begins, check if your opponent picks up the open card. If he does it, the chances are he has formed a pure sequence with the help of those cards. So, avoid giving him any related cards. For instance, let’s say, hearts K was the card your opponent picked. That means he could have formed a K-Q-J sequence or Q-K-A sequence. Therefore, if you award him a card close to it like 10. He will then easily form a 4-card sequence with your card.

Also, it is important that you keep observing the cards he picks from the open deck and the cards he discards. Now, let’s say all the cards discarded by your opponent feel useless to you. This simply means that your opponent is a seasoned player. But that is not the only use of observing the cards. When you see the cards discarded by your opponent, you will be able to understand the cards he doesn’t need and only discard them to make it difficult for your opponent to win.

Never Fall Into A Trap

What some experienced players do is that they set a trap. They discard high-value cards in such a way that you might end up feeling those cards might help you form a sequence. For instance, you see them throw a K, then a Q, and even a 10. You might feel you should have picked it up as it could help you form a 4-card sequence. But, this is most probably a trap. In the next round, you might again see your opponent throw another high-value card, making you think you must pick it up, but don’t. If they soon declare, you will be left with high-value cards in no sequence, increasing your score.

A Poker Face

Even in a cash rummy game, one needs to keep a poker face as it helps throw off your opponents. If you show it on your face when you are dealt with good cards, there are chances that your opponent might drop the game. So, even if they were brilliant cards, they serve no purpose. Just like that, always observe your opponent’s expressions. First, when they arrange the cards. If they seem too happy, chances are their cards are too good. Hence, if you have no pure sequence and a joker, you can drop your cards too. But, always check if he is a seasoned player who is just setting a trap for you by bluffing or a newbie who cannot contain their expressions. Second, always check the expression of the player when he picks the card. For instance, he picks the card, frowns slightly, and discards the same card, then you know maybe he is still waiting for his pure sequence, and if you complete your game at this time, you can ensure he gives out high points.

Jokers Being Discards

Jokers are the most important cards in rummy. So, if you see your opponent discarding jokers, it either means that he is an unskilled player or it can mean that he is looking for his perfect sequence. What you must do here? Go back and remember all the cards he discarded in the beginning. If you think you picked those cards or they helped you form a sequence, you can reach the conclusion that your opponent is probably new and lacks experience.

Pro tip: In a game of rummy, you cannot pick up a joker and use it as a joker, but can use it in your pure sequence or a set.

Change The Way You Discard Cards

The way you discard your cards is crucial because it can help you throw your opponent off. For instance, let’s say you have hearts K and Q spades 10 and J, or 2 diamond Qs. Now, if you throw them in order, your opponent might use it in a sequence and can get an idea about your game. Instead, make him confused. First throw hearts K (not Q because you have a diamond Q and a heart Q and if you acquire a Q of a different symbol, it can help you form a set) and then the Q of diamonds. Throwing your cards in no order will confuse your opponent, which will act as an advantage for you.

Avoid Social Interactions During The Game 

When it comes to online rummy, there are chances that your opponent might heckle you or try to become more social during the game. These are some of the most common tactics used. If he starts heckling you ask you to play fast or is mean to you, understand that it is done to throw you off. So, don’t entertain your opponent and concentrate on your game. Otherwise, there are chances that he is extremely nice to you if you must interact, do so only after the game or after your turn.

When it comes to rummy, the more frequently you play, the better the player you become. However, during your next rummy game, make use of these tips and tricks and psychology tactics to win your game.


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