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Gamdom lost over $140,000. what next?

Gamdom.com has decided to disable their Dota2 verification process because people abused a loophole in the system, and as a result, they lost over $140,000. People abused the loophole by creating hundreds and thousands of user accounts on the Bitcoin gaming website, which is a violation of the terms of service. TOS violations, in addition to lose of money, made the site disable the Dota2 process.

However, that does not mean that you will not be able to verify your account any more. You can use the CSGO or PUBG to verify your account. Gamdom.com has not closed the Dota2 Withdrawal and Deposit systems too. They still accept the Dota2 system, but you will not be able to use it in the verification process. And if you have already verified your account, you do not have to do it again.

How gamdom.com lost the money

Your question to this point might be, how did the gaming site lose such a large amount of money within a short time? That question has been running in most people’s mind. The truth is, after Gamdom.com adopted Dota2 as a game on their site to verify the users’ accounts; the staff realized that the number of new users was rising highly. That was great news and any other gaming site would celebrate such an achievement.

After a few weeks of witnessing a consistently increasing number of accounts, Gamdom.com realized that most users, particularly Ukrainians and Russians, were signing up on new Steam accounts, which had the minimum Dota2 Hours needed to get the offered signup verification coins.

To counter that, Gamdom chose to increase the number of Dota2 hours someone required to earn the free coins. Unluckily, the abusers also came up with a new method of getting the free coins. Instead of having more than 1000 accounts doing the trick each day, they started creating new accounts and accumulating more hours. The result was around 10,000-15,000 new accounts that were claiming free coins on a daily basis. The number had adversely risen and Gamdom would not ignore the issue anymore.

If 10 percent of the accounts won enough money to withdraw bitcoins, Gamdom would end up losing $15,000 -20,000 per day. They therefore decided to withdraw the plug on verification that used Dota2.

How to get rewards on the sites

Gamdom provides rewards on a daily basis depending on the level of a player. You can increase the rewards, measured in terms of XP, by betting on the site regularly. Moreover, you can use the Name Promotion to increase your experience gain.

To get your daily rewards every day, you will have to set a certain amount of money on a daily basis as well. If you do not have any credits on the gaming site, you can earn the money you need to get your daily goals achieved by remaining active on the chat room or form the sites RainBot.

The unique thing, RainBot, is available on Gamdom.com alone. Actually, the owners and some wealthy users dump their money into a pot and the site will give the money to all the users active on the chat after every 2-28 minutes. To get a part, you will have to click the RainBot message – the blue cloud that pops up and asks you to click it – actively. If you will be watching the chat, you will rarely miss it. They give out $5000 worth of reward incentives a day to normal members of the Bitcoin Casino.

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