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Have you had a chance to hit the Burning hotshot jackpot? Now you do!

This is a classic game which was developed from the EGT. It has a maximum of 5 reels and 5 fixed pay lines which include the game structure. A player could reach the maximum limit of 6,000 credits only.  The Burning Hot slot has a slot which includes 2 further scatters, a wild symbol and the risk game which could probably make your win double the digits, only if you win, and there is as much possibility that you could lose all your wins.

  • Ways to win the Burning Hot Shot

The player has an access to two basic settings while playing the game of Burning Hotshot. These two are:

    • The elimination of game’s currency in form of credits
    • The total sum of the bet placed

In case the player wishes to change these settings, he should visit the special menu created for this facility. It will be displayed soon after you press the button which shows two gears situated on the left side of the screen. To win the game, the rule is simple; a player should be able to get 2 or more alike figures on one of the five payment lines. It might sound very easy, but chances of happening are extremely rare. If the winning number is less than a 350 credit, the player is awarded a chance to multiply its payment in the second round, which is called the doubling round. This is started after the X2 button is hit by the player.

The next game is the risk game, in which a player is supposed to guess the color of the suit appearing in the game slot. If the player wins the bet, his last win would be doubled. If not, the player will even lose what he’s won before.

  • How can you ensure your win?

Like most of the other slot games, the Burning Hot Shot functions as a progressive jackpot, as well. This round can be randomly accessed during any point of the game, but the higher the bet the better your win is. So, one need to be highly attentive when you need to pull the call of winning this ultimate game.

It is always helpful to be enlightened on the jackpot in order to ensure you win. The round is divided into 4 successive levels each of which represents one card suit. 12 cards will contribute to the play, with an unknown denomination. The player will only win when he turns out three cards of the same suit and thus, wins the Burning Hot slot jackpot!

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