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Reduction in concussion rates according to the NFL

According to the NFL, concussions in the regular season reduced up to 29%. However, there’s still a lot of work that should be done to improve the situation in his field and protect the health of players.

Reduction in concussions in the NFL

The NFL is encouraged by the progress made in reducing the frequency of concussions up to 29% based on preliminary data. There are only 135 documented cases of concussions, including preseason practices and games. This means a huge improvement because it’s the lowest total for the last few years.

Football is a very popular game and you can try to predict the results of future games through a pin-up bet. This game is tough, and that’s why players often suffer concussions. The good news is that their number is down significantly. However, there can’t be any finish line when it comes to players’ safety and health. This process will take a long time because there’s a lot of room for future improvement.

The NFL started sharing concussion information in 2012. There are different factors that contribute to a significant reduction, including the deep helmet research. Besides, the NFL created a special checklist for players that ranks helmets in different colors (red, yellow, and green) to indicate their safety. Helmets in the red category will be banned.

There are more helmet tests that will be done in the near future because new models are released regularly. Finally, mouth guards with special sensors that gather data are researched and tested. The NFL is also focused on reducing the rates of other serious injuries and their mechanics.

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