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The most popular are video slots games,

In land based casinos the most popular slots are video slots, but the games that take their places on the casino floors are the longest games with three reels.

Not only this. Additionally, slot machines in online casino earn longer than offline video slots.

There are certain reasons why the most popular three-reel games, such as Double Diamond, last for decades, and hot new video slots may appear on the floors of the casino in a few months.

In any format, slot machines must earn on themselves. They must pay for their own purchase or rental, and they must earn enough in excess of justifying their preservation, rather than transferring the playing space to a new game.

Let’s look at some of the problems associated with popularity and stamina in each format.

3 reel slots

Slots with physical reels and stepper motors were the most popular computer games until in the late 1990s the video slots revolution.

Some modern three-drum slots add bonus events. Wheel of Fortune slot machines have prize wheels with basic games with three reels, and in some games there are additional video screens for bonus events.

But basically the appeal of three-reel games lies in the possibility of big wins.

In three-reel games there is single payline.

There is also a difference in pay structure.

But, focusing on their shot to win the slots, the three-reel slots, in fact, occupy the same position as blackjack, dice or roulette.

Popular three-drum slots provide a stable level of business from customers who may not play at the same level if they had a choice only of video slots.


Video slot are also great for win money, but they like to have fun with their game.

Video slots with their graphics and design are really an entertaining process.

The most popular for many years are Star Wars and People in Black slots with movie clips and Top Gun slots. Slots Elvis, Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton, which put you in a groove with their music, and slots Hollywood Squares with its brand of famous tic-tac-toe.

Modern video slots come with a combination of combining and selecting bonuses, wheel spins and free spins, as well as with special attractions such as expanding characters that can fill the entire column or stacked characters that can fill the entire screen with the same symbol.

Some games, such as the Jackpot Party, generate enough loyal followers to save space for years to come.

Each game should bring enough income to justify its place on the field. When this income falls below average, casinos turn to new games with another level of entertainment and excitement.


Online slots in comparison to offline have less pressure and offer more relaxed game.

Online slots should earn money, but needs differ from offline ones.

However, online casinos do not have the same need to move old games to add new ones, as in offline casinos. In offline mode, each game takes up physical space. If there were six OMGs in an online casino! Kittens with cars on the floor decide that the business now needs only two of these cars, after which new games will take up space for the remaining four.

Since games do not occupy physical space, online casinos can leave them turned on as long as they make a profit, even if they fall below the average level. Games do not take away places from other potentially more profitable games.

There are games like Zeus, Invaders of the Planet Mula, or Golden Fish online.

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