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The Narrative of YadnyaKasada Ceremony

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The narrative of YadnyaKasada begins centuries earlier, during the reign of the previous king of Majapahit, Brawijaya, the scenario has been Uncertain due to their expanding new religion, Islam. Since the new faith was so powerful that it created chaos, the king and his followers were made to back off into the east, some of them reached Bali, and some of these reached a volcano. The new pair, RoroAnteng and JokoSeger were found one of the fugitives who went into the volcano. Later they ruled the volcano place and named it Tengger.

Subsequently, he surnamed himself the riffle of PurbaWasesaMangkuratIngTengger which signifies the righteous ruler of Tengger. Years after year since the area flourished in prosperity, the King and Queen felt miserable for they’d like no children to triumph their throne. Profoundly, impressed with the religion of their meditation changed the murmuring sound of this crater raised miraculously followed using golden lightning that left the surrounding locked so scintillating. Their prayer happens to be Heard the God and could give them children, but they should forfeit their last child as a return. It had been a promising future that couldn’t be denied.

Not long afterward, the very first baby boy was born and RoroAnten called him TumenggungKlewung. Child following kid was born during the past couple of years, and it reached 25 in number to which she gave the appointed Kesuma for the last child. RoroAnteng and JokoSeger were very happy ever since love and affection were imparted among their children. Happiness lingered on years after years, but a dull and sad feeling chased them due to this guarantee will be maintained one day. They understood they were not able to operate from the simple fact, a bitter disappointment of losing kid shot through their brains.

The day came, God reminded them of the warranty which couldn’t be averted. Because they believed how cruel it was to forfeit their beloved child, they chose to break their promise by not providing him into God. They brought away their kids to save their final child from the offering. They tried to find somewhere to hide, but they couldn’t find a way. All by surprising, the terrible eruption of the volcano followed to where they moved and miraculously Kesuma, and the final beloved kid was absorbed into the crater. In the same moment when Kesuma vanished out of their sight, diminished violent struggle along with a peculiar silence for some time, but a sudden voice uttered: Hi, my beloved sisters and brothers.

It had been forfeited to look before God HianVidi Vasa to conserve all of you. And what I anticipate be at the calmness and live prosperously. Remember to set mutual help among you and also to worship God continuously to organize an offering ceremony annually on fourteenth of Kasada by the moon. For the sake of your own God. Kesuma’s Brothers and sisters held the offering service yearly just like what Kesuma advised, and it had been kept from one creation to the following up thus far.

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