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What the Rams learned from their Super Bowl humbling

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At Super Bowl LIII the Rams came into the game full of confidence. They had one of the best records across the regular season and felt that they could go toe to toe with the Patriots, however, things did not pan out the way they expected, and they were humbled with a final score of 13 – 3. Rams head coach Sean McVay is a big believer in the mantra “you either win or you learn”. So, what did the Rams learn from losing at Super Bowl LIII?

Going all out to win was their undoing

Apart of the education that the Rams received was that they should not have gone all out. At least not constantly as they did. The Patriots were able to break down their plays at every turn. They managed to negate an offence that had been one of the shining lights of the season. The Rams are likely to have taken that one board and will utilize a different tactic in terms of how they attack teams if they manage to make the Super Bowl again.

Look at any New Jersey Sports Book and you see the Rams down as the favorites or second favorites to have the best regular season record this year, it is likely that they will have another good season. If they do manage to make the Super Bowl again then they will need to take on board the lessons they learned last year if they want to go one better and win it.

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