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3 Awesome Things to Do in Bromo

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Embraced by cold temperature with a panoramic view of greenery up into the hills, we’re traveling to the highlands of East Java, Indonesia. Bromo Mountain, also known as GunungBromo, is an active cone seen by local and foreign visitors for its breathtaking scenery and up-close experience of crater actions. See your way to adventure as we provide you with the list of amazing things to do in Bromo, Indonesia!


Before hitting the Dramatic mountain slopes of Bromo, relax into the mountain ambiance, of a gentle breeze in the neighboring trees, blessed land of greenery and sight of brick-red tiled roofs of their typical home in Indonesia. A cup of coffee to keep you warm out of the fresh, crisp air. Display of intriguing art gallery can be located in the dining room area, impressive photography of this mountain and its surroundings. End the night with a freshly poured glass of wine and have a fantastic sleep as the groundwork for tomorrow’s mountain adventure in Bromo. A serene and relaxing place that is what JiwaJawa Resort is also, a certified best place to see in Bromo, Indonesia!

JiwaJawa Resort (formerly Java Banana Lodge Bromo) is situated in Jalan Raya Bromo, Wonotoro, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java 67254, Indonesia with the phone number +62 21 751 0338 or email them in stay@jiwajawa.com


As early as half last two in the morning, everyone geared up for the first portion of our Bromo adventure. Just seeing the fog-type cloud of dust, I’m fully awake and in awe as we push our way to the top. Can hardly understand the path we had been going through, observing our driver steers the wheel also gets nervous whenever he looks from the window to check our trail. As he navigates the path, I am anxiously considering the mountain ledge! But that is what experience is all about, getting pumped up by the thrill and getting a feel of the excitement in the unknown. This activity is undoubtedly among the best things to do in Bromo!

Relieved as we reached the stopping place, I thanked the driver for bringing us safe. Chanced to speak with him for a moment, I discovered that he’s in the profession for many years. Hence, I should not worry at all. For jeep rental and tours, you may reach Jeep Bromo Tour and Guide Private Car through email: adisuhadi9@gmail.com


Bromo is a top-rated Place not only for foreign but also for locals. It’s a fantastic bonding spot for family and friends. Hence, a large number of people can be seen even right until the sun rises. Traffic jam up, 4WD Jeeps parked at the mountain road. Tourists have to keep their adventure by walking up to the steep path of the mountain or rent for a different motorcycle ride in comfort and convenience are the top priority.

You may gasp for more air as you continue your way up to the sunrise perspective, but you will surely be excellent as you get to the destination. There are several stop points where you can buy a cup of coffee or hot noodles, and there are bonfires too along the way. This experience is one of the best things to do in Bromo, Indonesia. A bit tiring but worth the trip!

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