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Everything You Need to Know About PA Online Gambling

Even though gambling has only been legal for about a decade, Pennsylvania is currently second after Nevada when it comes to commercial Casino revenues. There was a bill passed by the house on October 26, 2017, which legalized PA online gambling. Three days after, the bill was signed into law by governor Tom Wolf and players can now play online.

Legalizing gambling in Pennsylvania was borne out of necessity to boost the local economy by creating new jobs and also reducing the state’s debt deficit.

Types of Gambling that have been legalized

It is now legal to play sports or online casino gaming without fear. In the past, most Pennsylvania residents used to gamble in secret and had to buy virtual credit card and use VPNs to access gambling sites because of the fear of being arrested. PA Online Gambling has never been easier than before.

Parx Casino is one of the beneficiaries of the new law and will be fully operational at the beginning of the second quarter of 2019. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the sign-up bonuses they’re offering in terms of virtual credits to start playing the hundreds of games available on their online platform. You get 5000 credits when you sign up.

Players Winnings and Taxes Pennsylvania

According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, players winnings from gambling are fully taxable. Players are expected to pay taxes from all gambling winnings regardless of the source. It doesn’t matter if it is from a physical location or online. The tax rate is currently levied at 3.07% against taxable income which includes winning from lotteries and gambling. Expenses related to the winnings may not be deducted from the overall tax liability. It should be noted that even though non-cash prizes may not be taxable under the state law, you will still be expected to pay under taxable income.

Legal Age of Gambling

According to the state law, the legal age of gambling is 18 even though the casinos are open 24 hours. PA online gambling is highly regulated and there have been strict measures put in place to prevent underage gambling. Minors are not permitted to enter or play online. If found guilty, they could be criminally charged and the offense will become part of their criminal record.


 PA Online Gambling online requires that you are 18 and above. You are also expected to prove identification by providing valid documents. The documents you provide should be issued by the government.

Why Parx Casino

Parx Casino is currently the largest casino gaming complex in Pennsylvania. They offer a variety of games for the discerning gambler. They hope to take the experience online with the new legalization coming into law. You can take advantage of their generous credit offerings if you want to kick start your online gambling experience. The 5000 playing credits can only be redeemed from their official website and nowhere else. There are also other generous bonuses for loyal customers.

The system currently doesn’t support cash playing but that should be sorted by the first quarter of 2019. In case you run of virtual credits, you can buy more using your credit card or MasterCard to continue playing.

To sum it, PA Online Gambling is fully legal and you don’t have to live in constant fear. You can now play in the comfort of your living room as most games available offline can also be found online. You can follow live sports action as you play simultaneously. Make sure you’re following the law when it comes to winning as you’re legally expected to pay taxes.

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