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Enjoy an Authentic Experience with the Live Casino Platform

In the early times the most common casino games could be played only in the live casinos. But with the rising popularity and sudden increase in demand, eventually came up the online casino concept. These online versions would allow you to enjoy a similar live experience conveniently through your device. The only important thing you need to enjoy these online casinos is a stable internet connection. After the launch of these online casinos, the response had been huge. So, be it your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet now you can enjoy playing with the experts from all around the world.

Few common favorite games

If you are really interested in playing live casinos games, then you can try login into many reputed websites of which https://livecasino.ie/ is one. They offer you a range of exciting games similar to that of the live casinos. Few of them worth mentioning are:

  • Blackjack – This is one of the well-known casino games and the top most choice of the players. Here, you can compete against the dealer and acquire a value of 21. 21 is known to still serve as an alias of Blackjack around the world.
  • Baccarat–Most popular amongst Asian players. This game specializes on how exactly you can predict which amongst the three outcomes can be the result.
  • Roulette–Nothing can beat Roulette, the game of wheel of fortune. It originated from France. The idea of roulette wheel was first introduced by the French Physicist Blaise Pascal, a physicist by profession. Inventing a casino game was not his intention; instead he wanted to develop the perpetual motion theory.

Some of the other games that you will come across are Games of Thrones, Thunder Struck, Jungle Spirit, Divine Fortune, Foxin wins etc.


Gambling as per the records dates back to 2,300 B.C in China. Then with time, gambling took several forms all over the world. In 1600s the concept of casinos cropped up. Casino di Venezia is known to roll the first dice in the world of casino. The elite class of Europe would gather to indulge in some kind of gambling in the casinos. Ever since then, the idea of gambling started revolutionizing. The actual idea of casino was developed by the Asians that offered a variety of leisure activities.

The benefits you can reap

If you are registering through reputed websites like livecasino.ie, then here are certain benefits of online casinos you can enjoy:

  • It gives you a genuine feel of the casino as the croupier spins the wheel himself
  • You get to enjoy special live casino themes
  • Earn profit from dedicated live casino bonuses and extend your level of entertainment
  • You can hide your identity if you wish, you are usually not forced to interact if you don’t want to
  • Get to socialize with the expert player all around the world
  • Play anytime as these live casinos are available 24*7, so there is no need to make any alterations in your schedule or bother about the opening and closing time of the casinos

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