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The 918KISS Malaysian Online Casino Review

Undeniably one of the most popular online casinos in Malaysia, every gambler in the country will know of 918KISS and the phenomenal reputation attached to it. All players and industry insiders are making repeated return trips to the casino and it really isn’t that difficult to see why it is such a popular platform for gambling.

Unrivalled Top Level Reputation

Ever since the initial launch in 1997, 918KISS has worked incredibly hard to gain the incredible reputation that sets it apart from its competitors.  The present-day result, a good 20 years later, is the combined efforts of impeccable service to the industry and the gamers as well as spot on customer service throughout the years.

The perfect reputation is also enhanced and endorsed by the fact the 918KISS has won awards. The online casino is also known as oneof the best places to gamble in the country. That’s quite a status to have on your books.

The fact the business has been going for two decades shows how reputable they are, and the high levels of customer service proves that the customers just keep coming back. It’s known that the gambling business is very competitive and difficult to thrive in against competitors but through all the other companies and technological challenges, 918KISS hasn’t wavered and proves that it deserves all the credit its reputation gives them.

Top Of The Range Software

Back in 1997, 918KISS used their own games to bring in customers to the gaming platform but over the years they brought in other well-known games from other sources including Playtech and Microgaming. These introductions saw incredible numbers arriving through the doors and to this day the casino maintains its mission to bring the best games to the online gambling community.

Incorporating these popular games meant that the team behind the scenes could focus on other aspects like ensuring the best customer service possible for the site and working on exciting promotions and bonuses for their customers to use.

The seamless transitions throughout the website make it clear how much work has gone in to the planning and execution of the online casino in addition to the many updates which are made on a regular basis. Extra games are added as new initiatives are launched. Twists on old classics and exciting new concepts are always making their way into the already extensive catalogue of games on 918KISS, keeping gameplay fresh and exciting for the gamers returning on a regular basis.

Payments for gaming are also easy for users which is fully integrated into the casino website. There are various methods of payment to choose from, making withdrawals and deposits easy and fast to do. The same rules apply for the effective transmission of winnings. Making the withdrawal is easy and straight forward, plus the site endures to complete the transaction as quickly as possible for every player.

With a huge breadth of games, impeccable service on all levels and fast cash withdrawals it’s no wonder that this online casino is one of the best places to gamble in Malaysia.

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