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Innovations in the world of online poker

Poker, the definition is quite simple. A card game which players bet on the value of their cards. A card game which brings people together. A card game which players can make huge winnings. There was a time, to play poker you must be physically present with a set of cards and coins, however, due to huge technological advancements the game made strides forward. In the beginning of the 21st Century online poker was invented and then Bitcoin was created. Below we explain how did it change the facet of the game permanently.

Online Poker

The so-called golden age of online poker started in 2003 where it began to be a pop culture, poker rooms were being opened right, left and centre. Millions were being won and poker stars were becoming rock stars. However, what happened in 2006, online poker took a step backwards in America as the UIGEA came to effect. The new laws slowed online poker down but started to grow again and face a better growth than 2003. It’s important to note that the laws didn’t stop players from playing online poker from online gaming websites outside of America, for example, Scandinavia as different rules apply to different jurisdictions.

Due to different platforms, the strategies on how you play strategies has changed a little to fit the platform to be played on. Training about poker is something that improved due to technological advancements so more information found on the net, youtube or google. Online poker also is better to hide the so-called poker face as people don’t see you face to face so they can’t predict what type of cards you have according to the face you make.


Thanks to online poker, players didn’t play anymore with just friends, relatives or neighbours but they started to play against players from another nation or continent. Not to mention the fact that online the winning are really higher than live poker!!!


Bitcoin. It just took over the world. Yes, even online poker. To be able to play online poker with Bitcoin you would need to download or buy a wallet for your bitcoin and then register on one of bitcoin online poker websites. Although it had a slow start, bitcoin is increasing as the currency for players to play online poker with. That is due to the anonymous, secure and fast transactions you can make with Bitcoin.

Differences between are the increase in winning and also the number of players as with Bitcoin you can have rooms more than 2000 which is the most for traditional online poker rooms. Good or bad, either way, bitcoin has been a revelation for online poker.


With many states jumping on board to legalise online gambling in America, online poker will surely be one of the biggest players in the industry. Also, surely there will be new innovations which will keep redefining the world of online poker and players will have to embrace every change that comes.

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